Sidewalks Provide a Sense of Community

Sidewalks Provide a Sense of Community

The Benefits of Walkable Neighborhoods

Some might say that a sidewalk is like the front steps to a community.  Much like the front steps to a household, a sidewalk leads us straight to the entrance of local doctors offices, retail shops, and even our neighbors’ homes – sidewalks are the paths of a community. Canton, NC is the perfect example of a walkable community with its sidewalks twisting, turning and climbing through neighborhoods for miles. This small town really encompasses the community feel and that’s why Green Key Neighborhoods is proud to build healthy homes there.  Our homes meet the sidewalks which welcome new business owners with open arms; providing plenty of room for retail displays or outdoor patio furniture for enjoying a meal or drink outside.

Health and Wellness Benefits

People who live in walkable neighborhoods are more likely to be active than those who do not live near sidewalks.

On a nice day, those who have the choice to walk or drive a short distance will more than likely walk when a sidewalk is nearby. This decreased use of cars in the community lowers emissions and is better for the environment as well as the humans in it.

Societal Benefits

Sidewalks improve access to businesses, parks, and other industries for those relying on public transportation.  This saves individuals money and provides health benefits to most.

Due to more foot traffic where there are sidewalks, crime risks reduce.  In other words, where there are more witnesses walking around, crimes will less likely be acted out.

Benefits to Homeowners

Say there were two homes for sell beside one another.  These two homes are similar in size, layout, and style.  One has a sidewalk in front and the other house is located past where the sidewalk ends.  The home by the sidewalk not only sells for more but it will also sell faster. This is a goal for every one of Green Key Neighborhoods’ properties – to be located in a walkable neighborhood.

Some like the quiet life in the country and hey, we respect that!  But those people have to come into town at some point and what’s better than strolling the sidewalks in town on a crisp Friday night looking in the storefronts on the way to dinner with friends on the patio at Southern Porch who walked to meet you from their home at Overlook Park.

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