If we don’t Take Care of this Planet, Who will?

As stewards of this planet, it is our responsibility to take care of the plants, soil, air, and every being that exists.  We are the top of the food chain and the most developed creatures. We have the ability to take care of the Earth- it is whether or not you have the desire to do so and at Green Key we know that we must take care of our precious ecosystems.

This month, I would like to challenge you to take one small step each day to take care of your direct environment as well as the environment outside.  

Direct Environment

Your direct environment includes where you live, where you work, the vehicle you drive in and where you spend the most time indoors.  You can take care of your immediate environment by maintaining an organized and clutter free space as well as keeping the space clean from dust and dander.  Chaotic, unclean areas create chaos in the mind which then can be detrimental to our bodies physically too. You can take small steps by not leaving dirty dishes in the sink to pile up, or leaving mail and paper piled up on the counter and so forth. Simply take 30 minutes each day to clean and organize the main living areas.  This will create harmony rather than chaos in the home.

Outside Environment

Taking care of your outside environment is another way to connect with the Earth and the creatures and plants that live on this planet with us.  There is belief and Green Key follows it in the idea that this planet was designed for humans AND the plants AND the animals AND the insects to all coincide together.  It is up to us humans to take care of these living creatures because they take care of us! Without pollinating insects we would not have fruits and vegetables. Without trees and plants we would not be able to breathe!!!  This August, focus on using the appropriate fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in your outside environment and stray away from lethal products such as Roundup. Take time to 

Our Responsibility

As caretakers of this planet we’ve discovered a special healing relationship between people and nature.  There is a therapeutic aspect to gardening, tending to honeybees or taking a walk outside. We can find healing in a bird’s song, by lying on a blanket and watching clouds or sitting on a rock and watching the waves crash.  If nature is going to provide us with selfless healing then we should do our part to bring healing to our environment as well. It’s up to us and ONLY us and at Green Key Neighborhoods we strive to respect Mother Earth every day we’re outside, which is everyday, building green homes that will have a positive impact on the future of this Earth and the future of the families that live in it.

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