Green Key Partnership with Kaizen Homes

Green Key Neighborhoods is excited to have an ongoing partnership with our sister company, Kaizen Homes, the premier builder of the Overlook Park Neighborhood, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Canton, North Carolina.

Together, we work seamlessly together to create beautiful, affordable and sustainable neighborhoods that become life-long communities for growing families. In our joint venture projects, Green Key Neighborhoods functions as the land-developer by doing all that’s needed to create a welcoming neighborhood, from acquiring desirable land tracts to establishing development tracts. From there, we contract the experts at Kaizen Homes to take over at the home construction stage. 

Not only do our processes match well to one another, but we also share the same sets of values, something that both of our companies prioritize in our company culture and daily practices. Together, Green Key Neighborhoods and Kaizen Homes work to create safe and mindfully-built communities in the Western North Carolina area that are both affordable for growing families and have a low ecological footprint on the environment. 

We also share a high focus on crafting homes that are carefully built to ensure the health and well-being of the residents as well as the communities where they are located. We utilize a series of practices to make this a reality, including using low-VOC building materials for a healthier home atmosphere as well as designing homes in such a way that they will conserve energy and reduce energy bills over time.

Together, Green Key Neighborhoods and Kaizen Homes will continue to work toward improving the larger communities with mindful neighborhood development, by providing homeowners with dwellings where they can live well and create lasting memories, and by acting as good stewards of the environment. 

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