Choosing Home Paint Colors

It’s easier said than done

Sure, choosing paint colors isn’t as difficult as some of the other tasks it takes to build a home but it’s not as easy as some would think either.  Choosing paint colors is important not only for the look of the home but also for the health of the people within the home. Light and color has a strong effect on a person’s overall wellness just the same as something like air quality.  Here are some easy ways to choose paint colors that will be specific to the people living inside and keep the overall look of the home seamless.

Personality Types

Who is going to live in this house?  Do you have an energetic personality or are you more mellow?  Either way, go with your instinct and choose what colors you are attracted to.  You will most likely feel your best self in those colors. For instance green and blue hues create calming spaces.  Red and green hues are energetic yet can they make large spaces feel cozier and warmer. Neutral colors such as whites, browns, and grays can make a space feel comfortable.  These are great colors for common areas in the home like kitchen and living room.


After deciding whether to go bold or calm, finding the right color scheme can be tricky.  One always wants to keep in mind the cohesion of the colors especially for open spaces. Try researching websites such as Sherwin Williams that has coordinating color schemes.  For all the colors that are searched, coordinating colors are automatically shown.  This is an easy and foolproof way to blend color choices together well. Websites such as Sherwin Williams and other paint brands have numerous galleries with photos for gathering ideas.  Once a color scheme aka choice of “coordinating colors” has been decided upon, samples must be purchased.


Never buy a whole can of paint without getting samples first.  Testing colors is important due to variables such as light, reflections and textures.  Purchase small paint samples and paint color blocks on each wall in each room to make sure the color you saw on the website or in a magazine is what you like in reality; remember the color should be cohesive with the look of the home as well as with the personality type of the people in it.  Paint is not cheap so painting samples beforehand can save time and money.


Glossy, flat, or eggshell?  Glossy finishes reflect light which gives off the shiny and let’s just say glossy look.  Flat absorbs light which can make a color appear darker and very not shiny. Eggshell is on our side!  Eggshell does not reflect or absorb light which helps hide imperfections and stay true to it’s chosen color.


Using paint as accents can have a dramatic affect on a space or create a piece of art within a home like this 2019 Green Key Neighborhood upstairs bedroom – the blue accent wall creates a feeling of warmth and adds a nice contrast to the neutral walls.For those creative personality types, use the task of choosing paint colors as a way to express yourself through your home.  Paint can create geometry. Paint can contrast and harmonize at the same time.  

Choosing paint colors for a home can be fun but it is no task to take lightly at the same time.  It contributes to the ambiance, mental stimulation of the people inside and overall look. Next time you need to choose home paint colors remember that is doesn’t have to be easier said than done.  Simply use the technological tools that are available such as websites that picture coordinating color schemes, color scheme apps, and stick to what speaks to you the most. Paint choices contribute to the look of the home which is good for resale purposes but more importantly it contributes to the wellness of the people inside it like all Green Key Neighborhood homes strive to do.

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