Choosing the Right Home Stager

You’re almost to the finish line and ready to list your home for sale but one thing is missing – staging.  These days, home stagers are plentiful in the real estate world so where does one start to choose the right stager in order to sell quickly and achieve the ultimate return on investment? Referrals Green Key Neighborhoods believes building … Read More

Green Key Partnership with Kaizen Homes

Green Key Neighborhoods is excited to have an ongoing partnership with our sister company, Kaizen Homes, the premier builder of the Overlook Park Neighborhood, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Canton, North Carolina. Together, we work seamlessly together to create beautiful, affordable and sustainable neighborhoods that become life-long communities for growing families. In our joint venture projects, Green Key Neighborhoods … Read More

If we don’t Take Care of this Planet, Who will?

As stewards of this planet, it is our responsibility to take care of the plants, soil, air, and every being that exists.  We are the top of the food chain and the most developed creatures. We have the ability to take care of the Earth- it is whether or not you have the desire to do so and at Green … Read More

Choosing Home Paint Colors

It’s easier said than done Sure, choosing paint colors isn’t as difficult as some of the other tasks it takes to build a home but it’s not as easy as some would think either.  Choosing paint colors is important not only for the look of the home but also for the health of the people within the home. Light and … Read More

Sidewalks Provide a Sense of Community

Sidewalks Provide a Sense of Community The Benefits of Walkable Neighborhoods Some might say that a sidewalk is like the front steps to a community.  Much like the front steps to a household, a sidewalk leads us straight to the entrance of local doctors offices, retail shops, and even our neighbors’ homes – sidewalks are the paths of a community. … Read More

Green Up Your Home

Green Up Your Home Incorporating Energy Efficient Practices into an Existing House Here at Green Key Neighborhoods we are in the business of building energy efficient, Green Built Homes.  We also support those who buy and restore existing houses – after all, one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly practices is reusing an item, whether it be a home or … Read More

10 Spring Must Do Home Maintenance Tasks

10 Spring Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks Who has spring fever? One of the great things about living in the mountains of North Carolina is the inevitable change of seasons four times a year.  Spring is the time of awakening, reviving and refreshing.  Mother nature shows us by blooming flowers featured with colors of the rainbow, the song and sound of … Read More

Purchasing a New Home with Confidence

Purchasing a New Home with Confidence Spring is just around the corner and that means the housing market is gearing up for the busiest time of the year!  Whether you are a returning home buyer or a first time home buyer, there are some real estate purchasing chores that can be taken care of now so when the deal of … Read More

Want Good Indoor Life Quality?

Indoor Air Quality is essential for a Green Home

Green Homes Provide Good Indoor Air AND Life Quality According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “indoor air pollutants is estimated to cause thousands of cancer deaths and hundreds of thousands of respiratory health problems each year.” On average, we spend about 90% of our time indoors and the air quality within the walls surrounding us is proving to be … Read More