10 Spring Must Do Home Maintenance Tasks

10 Spring Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks

Who has spring fever?

One of the great things about living in the mountains of North Carolina is the inevitable change of seasons four times a year.  Spring is the time of awakening, reviving and refreshing.  Mother nature shows us by blooming flowers featured with colors of the rainbow, the song and sound of birds chirping echoes, the sun shines longer and brighter and the Earth buzzes with more energy.  So why not take advantage of this energy and get some work done around the house?

Here are ten tasks for your annual home maintenance calendar:

  1. Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and radon detectors to make sure that all batteries are good and the devices are operating properly.
  2. Do a yard check.  Walk your property and pick up any debris that could damage lawn equipment such as large branches and limbs or big rocks.  Dispose in an area that will not be mowed or used.
  3. Check decking, outdoor rails, stairs and nails. Make sure wood is in good condition with no splintering or paint peeling.  Check to make sure nails are flush and not popping.  Make adjustments and repairs where needed.
  4. Check exterior lights and make sure all are in good working condition.  Make sure all motion detectors are detecting movement properly.  Make adjustments and replacements where needed.
  5. Service all lawn equipment by changing oils, replacing batteries, and cleaning.
  6. Plant vegetable, flower and fruit seeds indoors.  Place seeds in a warm, dry area with indirect sunlight.  Be sure to not overwater the seeds. Depending on your location, direct sow some hearty plants such as collard greens, mustard greens, kale and some lettuces.
  7. Check air filters for the house’s heating and air system. Replace where needed.
  8. Check or replace glass and screens in storm doors and windows.  Are doors opening and closing properly?  Are there any tears in the screens?  Are locks working?  Refer to the Asheville Home Builders Find A Professional directory for a list of qualified professionals for helping you repair or maintain all of your home’s specific needs. 
  9. Inspect the roof and attic for any damage especially water leaks.  Repair where necessary.  Are shingles on properly?  Remove any branches or limbs from roof.  Check condition of gutters.  Always practice the proper safety precautions.
  10. Repair interior and exterior paint.  This is the season to touch up any scuffs or repaint entire areas.  Be sure to use low VOC or no VOC paints when possible.

Overall, with the suggested tips anyone could complete these tasks.  Children could even be involved especially when cleaning up the yard.  These seasonal  maintenance checklists are also great ways to educate the whole family about the responsibilities of owning a home, and not just any home; a green home.

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